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  • Rules of Dating a Colleague Cover Image

    Rules of Dating a Colleague

    Shaktida Pachori 05/16/2018

    Attraction is a chemical game and no matter how much you try, it is impossible to tell your chemicals who you want to feel attract ...

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  • How to Balance Career & Love Cover Image

    How to Balance Career & Love

    Shaktida Pachori 06/02/2018

    Being in a relationship is not a bed of roses. Throw in the reality of having to balance your career along with the crazy roller c ...

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  • Dealing with Office Breakup Cover Image

    Dealing with Office Breakup

    Shaktida Pachori 07/18/2018

    Office romance is so different from the regular outside-of-work romance, but so is an office breakup. Being in a relationship with ...

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  • Crushing on a Co-worker? Cover Image

    Crushing on a Co-worker?

    Shaktida Pachori 08/01/2018

    Having a crush on a co-worker is the last thing anyone wants in their life and rightly so, because of the complexities and the com ...

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What does it take to have a long-la...

02/07/2018 njspadavecchia@gmail.com
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Why I work at Lovappy.com

03/17/2018 RealRoofers Nejmeh
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When looking for love...

04/19/2018 Lovappy Admin
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She is alone for a long time...

04/18/2018 Atikur Rahman

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