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    Anonymous 01/23/2019

    Who would have thought it possible to be sixteen years old and meet your destiny. That is just what happened on that Sunday aftern ...

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    Maintaining a Relationship

    ptnejmeh@gmail.com 10/04/2018

    Maintaining a successful relationship It is easy to fall in love, but relationships take hard work and dedication. These tips are ...

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    What is love ...

    rdbeavis@gmail.com 08/29/2018

    What is love and where do we find it? What’s the first thought that comes to mind when you think of love? Was it Jack and Rose sha ...

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    Voice Dating? Try These Apps

    Shaktida Pachori 08/29/2018

    With continuous evolution in the world of dating, gone are the days when good looks alone could do the trick to win over a partner ...

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What does it take to have a long-la...

02/07/2018 njspadavecchia@gmail.com
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Why I work at Lovappy.com

03/17/2018 Mark Nejmeh
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When looking for love...

04/19/2018 Lovappy Admin
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She is alone for a long time...

04/18/2018 Atikur Rahman

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