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    5 things to never do if you want to have a great first date!

    Francerly Machado 10/19/2019

    5 things to never do if you want to have a great first date! To have a date is just the first part of an infinite sea of things th ...

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    3 date ideas that she'll love!

    Francerly Machado 10/14/2019

    I know the generalization is not ok but all girls, no matter how different we pretend to be, we love a good effort from a man to g ...

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    I had a date with my best frie

    Francerly Machado 10/13/2019

    It sounds awful but has an explanation! My best friend was so confused because her boyfriend just left her without saying anything ...

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    My best date lasted 4 years

    Francerly Machado 10/12/2019

    I don’t know how that happened but I was viewing my dating app like every day. I have very good experiences with these things so I ...

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She is alone for a long time...

04/18/2018 Atikur Rahman
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The Only Man I Ever Loved

10/19/2017 smileyyjah@gmail.com
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What does it take to have a long-la...

02/07/2018 njspadavecchia@gmail.com
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Why I work at Lovappy.com

03/17/2018 RealRoofers Mark Nejmeh

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