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When Love Got Away

by Tom

Love Songs
Words and Music by Sutton Thomas

I watched you in the rear view
mirror as I drove from that place
the clouds were moving fast that day I still remember your face
and the sky was an ashen gray when love got away

Well it troubled me for years
and left me with a hollow ache
but I turned it around inside my mind
I gave myself a break
now I'm grateful for the memories made before love got away

When love got away - I saw a lifetime in an instant fade
we can't undo the choices made so we live in a masquerade when love got away - there was nothing words could ever say I watched potential lose momentum
when love got away

I should've turned around
but I'm not as strong as my own will
there was a time the thought of you brought tears and I play the moment still
and I knew it was my fate
when love got away

There's time in the sun
and time in the shade
not much here that doesn't change
no way to know what time would have done we can't predict ourselves long range


When love brought pain
yeah, there was a price to pay when love got away